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My name is Eldho George. I am an artist, a designer, and an enthusiastic adventurer in the field of art direction and design for half a decade now. 

My love for art began at a very early age. When it came to choosing my career,

I decided to take my drawing and painting skills onto the digital platform. With this in mind, I completed a 3-year diploma course in multimedia.


The program helped me cement my love for the field and I wanted to learn the craft in-depth. This led me to do a 4-year BFA course in painting from RLV College where I built a thorough understanding of color harmony, using various mediums like oil painting, acrylic, and dry pastels. I was able to improve my skills considerably and acquired a strong academic knowledge of art composition. Since then, I have been working with various ad agencies, fine-tuning my craft, and understanding Graphic Design.


My pursuit for excellence has also got me from India to all the way to Canada.

I have just completed the Advertising and Graphic design diploma from Humber College 

This is my story. So far, at least. I am now ready for the industry and am looking for opportunities to prove my mettle as an art director. 

What people say

“ We miss Eldho. It's been two years now, and we still miss him. He was easily one of the better Art guys we've seen here at Fisheye, and we've seen many over the years. His eye for detail, his passion for his craft and his fire to constantly improve, is truly commendable.


I personally tried pretty much everything to hold him back but I lost out to Canada! He had made up his mind and today I respect his decision to pursue higher education and a better life out there. In case he comes back to India, I'll hire him back in a jiffy. ” 

- Dave Banerjee

Strategy Head & CEO | Fisheye Creative Solutions 

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